Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers Version 2.2

Kart Krew Dev — Mon 06 May 2024

Promo art courtesy of Awryval—check them out on Twitter!

NOTE: This version is out-of-date! Please find the latest version on the News page.

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Since we released Ring Racers version 2.1, we’ve been hard at work collecting and addressing feedback for this follow-up. This update includes a modest amount of new content, some new accessibility options, and a large swath of balance adjustments and bug fixes.

Key to this update is the new Auto Ring accessibility feature: if you are struggling with managing Rings to keep your kart’s momentum, you may find this feature helpful. However, like the distinction between Automatic and Manual Transmission in other racing games, you should learn to use Rings effectively to maximize your potential!

Auto Ring

General Gameplay



Grand Prix




Accessibility + Quality of Life




These community contributors assisted with this release. Thank you!