Ring Racers v2.1 Frequently Asked Questions

Kart Krew Dev — Fri 26 April 2024

Thank you for playing Dr. Robotnik’s Ring Racers! The last 48-ish hours have been a wild ride, and we are appreciative of your feedback and support.

We have seen a fair amount of questions come up frequently, so we will do our best to address the ones pertinent to the initial launch here.

These answers are documenting the recent 2.1 version release; that version changes a number of things based on feedback, so we encourage you to read the release notes for that as well.


How do I install a patch if I previously installed the game?

On Windows, you can run the installer for the new version onto the same path that you installed the previous version to. Your save data will be unaffected.

On macOS, open the .dmg disk image for the new version and drag the .app bundle into Applications, just as if you were installing the game. Your save data will be unaffected.

How do I skip the tutorial?

In the Sunbeam Paradise tutorial courses, there are large Exit signs which point you off the main path. Follow these to enter the Test Track challenge. If you succeed, you will unlock Test Track on the Challenge Board, and skip the remaining tutorial sections. You get another chance to try every time you proceed to a new tutorial course.

Alternatively, there are teleporters at the end of the Sunbeam Paradise Rings, Brakes and Drifting courses which will end the tutorial without completing the Test Track challenge.

You may also use the secret password gaster if you bring up the password prompt when starting up the tutorial sequence.

How do I unlock Online play and mods/addons?

As of version 2.1, the Online and Addons menus are unlocked by completing the Test Track challenge or completing Ring Cup with a Bronze placement or higher.

How do I unlock Time Attack mode?

As of version 2.1, Time Attack is unlocked by completing a race.

Are there 3D Models?

Yes! You need to use the Legacy GL renderer for now, and turn on models in the settings. Our modelers did a fantastic job so please give it a shot!

Eventually, we intend to replace Legacy GL with a new hardware renderer; this renderer will be closer in parity to Software while also supporting models.

What happens to SRB2Kart/v1?

SRB2Kart will remain indefinitely: we are not removing it! You can play and make addons for it as usual. However, we will not be creating more updates to v1 outside of security patches and community contributions.

The server list website shows Ring Racers servers by default, but you can click the link to the SRB2Kart server browser on that page. Alternatively, you can bookmark the new listing page directly. And as before, you can always use the server list in-game to see SRB2Kart servers.

Am I allowed to cheat to unlock things?

Yes. We only ask that you do not share cheats in official community spaces, other than the passwords we have publicly released.


Why isn’t my server visible to my friends?

Your PC may be connecting to the Internet behind a firewall (e.g. Carrier-Grade NAT) that prevents other PCs from connecting to you over the public Internet. You will need to forward the UDP port 5029 in your router’s networking settings.

Port Forwarding tutorial

How do I use Discord invites to my Ring Racers server?

Make sure that Activity Sharing is enabled in Activity Privacy in Discord. When you start a local server in-game, Discord will show you an option to include an invite widget in a channel.

How does Battle mode work?

There are 3 win conditions in Battle mode:

  1. K.O. a player after earning enough points from attacking other players.
  2. Collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds.
  3. Be the last player standing in Overtime.


Does Ring Racers support mods/addons?

Yes! Though there are a substantial number of changes from SRB2Kart, and we have not (as of this writing) provided documentation yet. Those familiar with the engine will likely already have started breaking ground. Kartmaker is included in the Windows installer for 2.1.

Players will need to initially unlock the in-game Addons menu by completing certain prerequisites, as explained above.

Can I use SRB2Kart v1 mods/addons in Ring Racers?

No. The changes to the game are too great, and each mod will need to be ported by their authors, if they so choose.

How hard is it to make custom characters for Ring Racers?

The version 2.1 patch includes a Ring Racers-compatible version of the popular Kartmaker project, which is a great starting point for modders to experiment with. You can also find the source code on Gitlab.